Donate bot commands

Record PC gaming clips and get them on your phone. Memes, image manipulation, memey gambling, stealing, and stupidity. Our currency is in depth, our animals are cute, and our bot is the best. Never miss a beat with Octave, a simple and easy to use Discord music bot delivering high quality audio to hundreds of thousands of servers. Personalize your Discord with Zero Two Over waifus stolen from MAL, ready to be claimed.

Hell yeah. Start accepting donations in your server!

donate bot commands

Users pay for roles with simple commands. Uses PayPal. Discord Servers insights, activity monitoring, and engagement tracking. Use your server like Instagram! A League bot with simple commands and a unique system for displaying information.

Also upload clips to Ahri's site and share them anytime! The most easy-to-use Discord bot! Bots that are a part of our Certification Program. Quality Bots that are assured to function 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. You must be logged in to upvote bots! A fun Discord bot where you can open random boxes to get random items - and then use those items to attack your friends!

Powerful Multipurpose Music Bot for Discord. High Quality Music, Moderation, and Utilities. Listen to a Music bot with Style! Youtube Songs, playlists, favorites. Search songs by title, artist or link.

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TypicalBot is the ironically-named bot that is far from typical. It includes many highly-requested features. A multi-functional bot that provides in depth modlogs, moderation, fun, welcoming and leaving features towards your server. Discord Bots has moved to TOP.Stuck at home? We want to cheer you up a bit. Do you like cookies? We do, so we implemented some in our website! Loads your input and adds it to the queue. If there is no playing track, then it will start playing.

Cycles between the different loop settings. Searches for your query and displays the returned lyrics.

Removes the specified track from the queue. Removes all the tracks from the specified start to the specified end.

Resets all player settings and clears the queue. Displays info about the specified track in the queue. Sets the player's bass boost setting. If you input "reset", it will set the volume back to default. Sets the player's volume.

donate bot commands

Sets the player's playback speed. Sets the player's pitch. If you input "reset", it will set the pitch back to default. Fast forwards the player by your specified amount.

The default amount is 10 seconds. Rewinds the player by your specified amount. Searches for your query on YouTube and lets you choose which songs to queue. To queue a track of the results, just type it's number. Sets the playing track's position to the specified position.FredBoat is a free Discord music bot that delivers high-quality music to your Discord server.

FredBoat can be easily plugged into your Discord server with no configuration. FredBoat is made to be super simple to use! Getting FredBoat running on your server is easy.

You can invite FredBoat by authenticating it with your account using this link. Bear in mind that you must have Manage Server permissions to be able to do this. FredBoat will not be able to play tracks blocked in the US usually due to copyright infringements on YouTube. Adding music to the playlist is pretty simple. To start playing a track, use the ;;play command. Here are two examples:. Here's an example response:. We invite everyone to join FredBoat hangout, which is a place to discuss suggestions and request for support.

I'm very willing to take suggestions for the bot so don't hesitate to say what you have in mind! Click here to join! You can join either our Discord server or tweet us at DiscordFredBoat. By using any of my hosted but not selfhosted bots you are subject to our very minimal! Special thanks to EJ Technologies for providing us with open source licenses for their Java profiler. Download the O'Reilly eBook.

Setting up the bot FredBoat is made to be super simple to use! See supported sources below. Reserved for moderators. Run this command for more info. Adding music to the playlist Adding music to the playlist is pretty simple.

Not all formats supported. Let us know if you want other sites supported. Join FredBoat Hangout!Scottybot is Mixer. It hosts the typical features, such as anti-spam filtering, commands, repeating messages, ability to change the bot name, and more. Getting Scottybot in your channel is easy to do, just click the "Let's Go! Click Approve and it will do the rest! With this, you can control the bot as if he was running from your machine.

What is this? It allows you to enable or disable most features of the bot in your channel, allows you to change the game and the stream title on the fly with an easy to use game search and sorter, has alerts for both followers and subscribers, channel statistics, a built in and pop-out chat client and much more. It also includes a moderator mode, in which your moderators can access the same panel once the streamer has provided them with the uniquely generated authkey found in the settings page.

This gives the moderator full control of the bot not the stream due to Mixer. The GUI is completely optional, but does make life so much easier. FM is linked to both your music app such as Spotify and Scottybot, displays the currently playing song.

Begins the process of linking your Discord server to your Mixer channel, Scotty responds with two whispers: 1: Follow the link in the first whisper to add Scottybot to your Discord server 2: Run the command from the second whisper in a channel of your Discord server where Scottybot can read and post to confrim the connection;!

Begins the process of linking your Discord user account to your Mixer user account. Run this from any channel that has Scottybot, Recommend mixer.

Follow the instructions Scottybot whispers you to complete the user link. Adds or Removes a Discord's user account from moderator status for Scottybot in that Discord channel. Run this from any channel Scottybot is in, recommend mixer. Scottybot will delete the message and whisper to you the status of the join.

Run this from your channel to generate and whisper a new authkey to you. Doing this invalidates the old key. Allows you to set your stream title from inside your chat. Scotty must be Channel Editor to change stream Title.

Queries Mixer if the game you asked for exists, and if it does sets to that. It is a best effort, if it dosn't work double check your game name. Example: "Elite Dangerous" dosn't work, "Elite: Dangerous" does.Get started with no downloads, no installs, and no nonsense because all features and data are hosted in the cloud. Configure advanced spam filters to keep the clutter and immaturity out of your chat.

Spam Filter Interface Example. Manage and customize your commands all in one convenient interface, catered to your account. Check in with the analytics dashboard to stay up to date on your user activity, loyalty, and trends. Dashboard Metrics Interface Example. Engage your fanbase through meaningful interactions.

Ask opinions, create surveys, stimulate stream convos. Set timers to notify users in your chat of social network links, stream times, or anything you want, even when you're not around. Timers Interface Examples. Search chat logs to catch up on something you missed or investigate something in your community. No seriously. We barely believe it ourselves. See all Botisimo has to offer.

From the casual solo gamer to competitive eSports streamers, Botisimo has you covered. For professional and casual gamers alike who are ready to take their stream to the next level. Enhance your chat and grow your audience! Built for pro streamers destined to dominate and wield the power of all Botisimo features.

Enhance your chat and promote your brand! Built for eSports teams and streaming communities. Enhance your chats and unify your team under a single shared bot! Botisimo gives you more control and influence over your chat. Engage more effectively and promote healthy, captivating, discussions with your viewers. Botisimo's powerful chatbot features are crafted with teams and gaming communities in mind.

Leverage our chatbot platform to engage your fans, promote your team and slay your stream. Subscribe to the Botisimo newsletter and stay updated with the latest news, features and updates. Your submission has been received! Something went wrong while submitting the form. Dashboard Interface Example.

Filter The Rubbish Configure advanced spam filters to keep the clutter and immaturity out of your chat. Learn More. Custom Commands Manage and customize your commands all in one convenient interface, catered to your account. Custom Command Interface Example. Advanced Analytics Check in with the analytics dashboard to stay up to date on your user activity, loyalty, and trends. Polls Interface Example. Advanced Chat Logs Search chat logs to catch up on something you missed or investigate something in your community.

Oh Yea, There's more.

donate bot commands

Way More. Check it Out. Something for everyone.Not only does it allow you to save time and money, it helps prevent fraud and acts as loss prevention.

Greet users with custom messages and a link to pay for a role or donate to your server when they join. Create Free or Paid trials for your Discord server and select how long you want people to have access. Server owners have the option of opening their own drop shipping store to sell products from the chat.

Don't want boring typical monthly subscriptions? The bot allows weekly, monthly, quarterly and more! We built this donate bot for content creators and community leaders to help them save time and money. Just invite donate bot. If you want quicker support, we have an upgraded plan for you. Discord Donate Bot. The Many Benefits of Donate Bot. Never a monthly fee! Invite Bot Now! Get Support. Join Support Server. Donate Bot requires an account in one of these countries.

What are you waiting for? Invite Donate bot Today! Simply invite donate bot to your discord chat to start selling roles. Start Now. But how does it really work? FAQs Why should I use this bot? How do I set up the bot on my server? Simply invite the bot to your server with one of the links on the page. Once the bot has joined your server, you need to move the bot's role to the top of all other roles in the server.

Once you set the role to the top, visit the bot's control panel. Add the role you want to sell and then click save. Once the role is saved, people are able to purchase the role by typing "donate" in any chat channel upgrade.

If you need help you can visit the support server and ask for help. How does Donate Bot offer this for free to server owners? We believe that content creators should focus their time and energy on doing just that Creating content. We are able to offer this service without monthly fee to you Mr. The fee is 2. Think about the cost of loss prevention if even one member managed to slip by you and get your content for free. Think about how much your time is worth by saving all the time upgrading, tracking and managing your server.Commands List of the various commands you can use with your Ragebot, and what they do.

Tap the commands to expand them and view the explanation beneath it. For Premium Rage commands, tap here. Admins are never affected by any restrictions that Rage imposes on users and they'll never get kicked by Rage. This color indicates that everyone can use the command unless "Permissions" is set to 3 or 4. This color indicates that only admins can use the command.

This color indicates that it is a PM-only command. Friend [PM command]. Friend usage: Friend With friend command, you essentially be-friend Rage. This command has to be typed in a private message with Rage before you can add it to any groups. Rage should reply with a confirmation. For more detailed instructions you can read the step-by-step guide here.

Ping usage: Ping works in PM too Ragebot responds with "pong". This is the best way to check if Ragebot is still running, or if it's temporarily down. Usage usage: Usage works in PM too With usage you can view all available commands for Ragebot and a short explanation of their functions, along with some extra information at the bottom. Use this feature if you cannot remember a command. Set rules.

When new people join the group, they will automatically be greeted by the rules. Everyone can view the rules by typing "rules" in the group chat, but only admins can set or delete them.


You set up rules by typing "set rules" followed by any text you want as the rules. Please keep in mind it has to be typed in one sentence, like on the screenshot above - not in two seperate posts.

You can type "rules" to check that it looks like you want it to. If you want to delete them again, type "delete rules" - only admins can do this.

donate bot commands

You can also set the rules to call a kik bot. Delete all admin deletes all admin substitutions - be careful! You can replace " trigger " and " response " with any text. With substitutions you can program Rage to give a text response to what you type by using an arrow. There are two types of substitutions, and therefore two types of arrows. This means that anyone can create it, trigger it, overwrite it and delete it. BUT normal users can still trigger admin substitutions. Note: the "Permissions" command will affect how users can interact with substitutions.

So when someone in the group types "Trigger", Ragebot will respond with "Response". Note: The only cases where you cannot set up a substitution is if the trigger part of the substitution exceeds characters, or if its a word that's already used as a Ragebot command or you're trying to set up an admin substitution whilst not being an admin You also cannot create a normal substitution if there already exists an admin substitution by the same trigger.

Substitutions are not case-sensitive. We will provide more examples below. Here we are setting up multiple substitutions. Here you see how they work in function.


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