Challenger wide body kit installation

See all 12 photos. Demons and Widebody Hellcats after all have unique quarter panels and fenders with attachment points stamped into them. Those can't be used on a regular Challenger body, so AVS must work with the stock sheetmetal. If that sounds like an opportunity to make it even sexier, you'd be right! To sign up to win it, you'll have to click on www. But this is no mere Shaker-edition Scat Pack with a Demon skin.

AVS has teamed up with some of our favorite brands to fortify the Widebody for extra performance and style. At the top of the list is more power in the form of an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger system and Magnaflow stainless exhaust belting out horsepower.

challenger wide body kit installation

The chassis also gets additional help from an upgraded Hellwig front swaybar and bigger brakes from StopTech. So let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the AVS body kit pieces.

Ever since the Demon was announced, Mopar fans have been clamoring for this look. For a while, it appeared the only way to get it was to trade up to a Demon or a Widebody Hellcat, but that's a high price to pay, especially if you're more interested in the look. Setting pen to paper, AVS designer Billy Bibb knew it was important to get the look close to a Demon, but the end product needed to be friendly to the stock sheetmetal—no drilling or cutting! Kit pieces can be removed and the car returned to stock if needed—a plus for resale value.

We think AVS has really delivered with its collection of Challenger widebody parts, which include bolt-on fender flares, rocker panel extensions, rear spoiler, and front splitter. Parts on the giveaway car are black so that they stand out from the body color, but can be painted or coated body color. The list of exterior and interior upgrades also includes a custom Katzkin interior, Amp Research fuel door, custom undercar lighting, a billet grill, and Ringbrothers hood pins.

We've got a brand new Hellcat in yellow waiting in the wings that could really benefit from the Widebody look, and if things work out like we want, we could very well be bringing you the first-ever AVS Hellcat Widebody conversion story. We will keep you updated on this, but until then, don't forget to register to win this fantastic machine at www. AVS Dream Girl not included Johnny Hunkins Writer, Photographer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Hello, Sign In!

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challenger wide body kit installation

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challenger wide body kit installation

You can make your Mustang look like an in-your-face rally car with huge foglights and a 'Big Mouth' style front bumper. Considering that body kits can make your car look completely unique, they are probably the most effective way to customize the look of your ride.

We get asked these questions all the time. Read this to get more informed about body kits: Question: What are body kits made of? Answer: Most body kits are either made of fiberglass, poly-urethane, or ABS plastic. Question: What's the difference between them? Answer: Each has its pros and cons.The original Dodge Challenger is one reason vehicle specific stripes, decals, and vinyl graphics exist at all!

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Six badass widebody Challengers

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MoProAuto has been offering vinyl graphics online sinceso our automotive vinyl striping experts know what it takes to satisfy automobile enthusiasts in need of aftermarket vinyl graphic replacement parts for all kinds of automotive car and truck applications.Phillips Performance Lil Devils Flares let Dodge Challenger owners fit up to a Wide tire in the rear without any modification to the vehicle.

These flares fit perfectly into your vehicle and are designed from factory CAD files so that you bolt them directly into existing holes.

The flares are built out of high quality Polyuerthane in the USA. Since we designed the flares using the factory CAD files, these flares bolt right into existing holes. Our kits come in 2 options, rear flares only or front and rear flare kits. The flare kits come unpainted so that you can color match before installation and get the highest quality paint match possible.

Here's the installation process in detail so you can see how painless installing these flares is. Patent Pending Made in U. Estimates Shipping is 2 Weeks. Sign In My Account. Finally, A wide body kit for your dodge challenger that doesn't need major modifications, bolts directly into existing holes and looks OEM.

Lil Devils Flares:. Lil' Devils Fender Flares Package 1 from Product Description:. Add To Cart. Lil' Devils Fender Flares Package 2 from Hello, Sign In! Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart! In fact, we carry more body kits than any other company on Earth! We have more than 40 brands of ground effects including our own line of body kits that we manufacture in houseand we carry body kits for more than different vehicles!

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Challenger Body Kit

Year Astra Hammond. Carbon Creations. Classic Design Concepts. Extreme Dimensions. Front Lip. Front Bumper. Front Fenders. Side Splitters. Rear Fenders. Full Kit. Duraflex Novara Wide 4 Piece. Fender Flares, Front. Fender Flares, Rear. Duraflex Circuit Body Kit - 7 Pieces. Rear Diffuser. Duraflex Circuit Kit - 8 Piece.Our new Dodge Challenger widebody kit is made out of high-quality precision-made ABS plastic — same material OE bumpers are made out of. With its extremely durable qualities, ABS plastic is far superior to commonly-used fiberglass.

We expect this kit to be a game-changer in the Dodge Challenger community. This widebody kit comes with mounting hardware Type 3 and rubber gaskets. The type of mounting hardware is nothing more than a personal choice. Please note — you will have to cut your existing fenders and quarter panels. We highly recommend professional installation. Some of our clients have been succesful with DIY installations though.

You can paint or wrap the the kit. In either case, you or your installer will have to primer the parts first.

Factory production, based on 3D scanning and CNC technology. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Dodge Challenger Widebody Kit quantity. Installation and hardware: This widebody kit comes with mounting hardware Type 3 and rubber gaskets.

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challenger wide body kit installation

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2009-2020 Dodge Challenger Demon Style Wide Bodykit

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